Muffin Tin Monday ~ Numbers

My Kindergarten Son remembered that today should be "muffin tin Monday" - I had wished I had thought more about what we could do to make it fun but having had sick children in this house for the past 10 days, I didn't give it as much creativity as I would have hoped. My oldest son (kindergartener) pulled out a child-size table from my daughters room with chairs and declares it's a restaurant... a "Muffin Tin Restaurant". So again, this was very fun!

Here's what we did though:
12 - dried cranberries
11 - crackers
10 - crackers with cream cheese
9 - pieces of cheese
8 - slices of apple
7 - apples with peanut butter
6 - pretzels
5 - mini marshmallows
4 - blueberries
3 - cookies
2 - yogurts (one for his sister and one for him)
1 - glass of chocolate milk
*this food was shared a bit amongst my 3 children and myself.
Have a great week! And for more MTM ideas, visit Her Cup Overfloweth!


Jen said...

Great idea to share the lunch. Lots of goodies. I bet the kiddos were happy to dig into this lunch!

~Bobbi~ said...

This tin looks delish!

Michelle Sybert said...

I want to go to a muffin tin restaurant!

BranFlakes said...

My kids would love a muffin tin resturant!

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Very cool idea!!! Thanks for sharing!