Wooden Shoe Like to Win?’ Sisterchicks® Contest

Robin Jones Gunn is one of my favourite authors - I'm not a big reader, but as a child I faithfully read all the Babysitter Club Books by Ann M. Martin; then as a Teen I faithfully read all of the Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn!

Alexa and I met Robin at a Women of Faith Conference we attended in Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2005. Here we are:It was such a blessing to just speak to Robin (I couldn't actually speak to her because I was overwhelmed with emotions, LOL)! (And I can't believe I don't have a picture of her with us?)

As an adult I read her Glenbrooke Series and some of her Sisterchick Series... I ought to catch up and get myself reading a bit more!
Robin has a new book out this month called "Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes"... here is a summary of it:
"Summer and Noelle, two pen pals since 4th grade, meet for the first time in the land of tulips and windmills. An abnormal mammogram sends Summer on a quest to fulfill her lifelong wish before she begins the same struggle her mother fought against breast cancer. The story of these two Sisterchicks is brimming with hope and cheer and will bring encouragement forSisterchicks in Wooden Shoes by Robin Jones Gunn any woman who has faced a fearful future."

You can win a signed copy of this book if you either Twitter, Facebook or blog about it and link back to Robin... click here for the details of the contest.

Thanks Robin! You are such an inspiration and a Woman of God that is so encouraging to all you meet and all who read your work!

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Sarah said...

Very fun!!
I am reading one of her books right now... Sisterchicks Down Under! What a great book!