Decluttering Week 2 ~ the Master bedroom

So would you believe I actually got something accomplished last week. It was supposed to be the bathroom AND one other room, but I never did make it to "one other room" unless the fridge counts.

I am pleased to say I did get the bathroom closet cleaned and the shelves under the sink. This didn't get accomplished until Saturday, but it DID get done. I still have 2 drawers to clean, and one more bathroom. So 1 1/2 down, 1 1/2 to go. I think by next month I can cross the bathrooms off my decluttering list. Which encourages me as this is not a one shot deal. ☺

This week we move on to the Master bedroom. Again I am somewhat encouraged as I cleaned the closet and the dresser drawers this summer. I got rid of a ton of clothes, and after winter when I pull out my summer stuff again the same thing will probably happen. So that leaves me with one book case, and two bedside tables (YIKES!).

So here's to another week of decluttering! Hope you are enjoying it and feel as freed as I am feeling. Big Brothers some by tomorrow to take 3 boxes and a bag of mine, and 2 more of my mother in law's junk!

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