Works for Me!

I participated in the Works For Me Wednesdays hosted by We are That Family ... click on this button to go and visit more posts with frugal ideas!
So by nature, I'm not an overly tidy person but since marrying my husband 11 years ago - his natures have rubbed off on me to a certain extent (he might not agree!). He's very organized, very "everything has a place and it's in it's place"...etc. Which is (can be) great!
My Husband is always the one to wash our vehicles and vaccum them out... but I thought I'd do it last week - which brought me to this WFMW post. I'd like to share some of his ideas with you!

Our van's mats stay nice and clean looking, see:BECAUSE of these custom cut (by my hubby) carmats that we lay overtop of the ones above! Isn't he so smart?! He used a cheap industrial carpet that you can buy from Walmart for under $10... and cut it up into shapes that fit!these are particularly nice when the weather changes and in/out of my van go 5-7children everyday!

I want to share with you what types of things we have in our van for "just in case" situations:

Soccer Ball; juice boxes & bottled water for the time I forget to grab our water bottles from the house (or if we run out of water); blanket for picnicing; and hand broom for getting sand from the beach off of toes before entering the van...One bag hangs on the back of our headrest for a spare change of clothes for my youngest children; and the other bag holds 'environmentally friendly' bags for grocery shopping
Some extra snacks in the glove compartment (and a pack of vinegar for the time we are in the USA McDonald's - since they don't have vinegar packets for their fries!)...and in the door pockets we have: a wide-mouth empty water bottle for my 2 boys to pee in when a bathroom isn't convenient (we use is LOTS), extra diaper(s), Wipes (I will buy these long after I need them for diapering purposes!) and some hard {organic} candy and Lollipops for "emergencies":
Do you have any great ideas regarding what you keep in your vehicle??? Please do share!
This works for me!


Laurie said...

Love it all! :) Wish you were here to organize my van and my life!! :) Your van carpets look GREAT......ours definately don't!

Great post!

SJL~ said...

When I got my new van last year, the carmats and carpet looked so lovely and I was complaining about how soon they'd look all nasty. My hubby went out and bought rubber backed bathroom rugs and put them over top of the carpet/mats in the front and back seats. The rubber backing keeps from all the wintery snow/slush from seeping through. Plus, they're easy to pull out and throw in the wash. :)

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Being prepared is always a good mom tip! Happy WFMW =)

Christy said...

My favorite tip is the water bottle for emergency peeing. What a hoot. I wish I had read this when my boys were young! Too bad there isn't an option for the girls too.
Great post!