Works For Me ~ Book Orders

Every few weeks my Son gets Scholastic Orders sent home with him from school. This starts in preschool and continues for years and years! I love Scholastic and I love ordering books from time to time.

In my City we have a Library that is part of a Regional Grouping of Libraries that share a data base and books/DVDs/CDs...etc. I can sit in the comfort of my own home on this handy dandy computer and request items that I'd like my Family to have - this great system then gets these items delivered to my local library and sets them aside for me to pick up! How awesome is that?!

Well, last week I sat with all 5 of the different Scholastic Papers that came bundled together for my First Grader and opened up my Library's Browser and started to request books I thought would be a good read this month! Ha! What a great concept!!
These are some of the books (listed in these flyers) I requested late last week and picked up already today!To save a buck this month and next, see if your library has some of the books of interest!
Works for me!

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Lisa said...

A Pocket full of Kisses is a great read...Alexandra and Dylan loved it for years so hoping can continue that with Camryn...hope yours will too...