Day One of Decluttering ~ the Bathroom

I hope you are all ready to embark on a journey with me to Declutter your home and KEEP it clean!!

On my list for today is: wash the kitchen sink, start to declutter the bathroom, wash all 3 bathrooms and get my curtains 'sown' and rehung.

If you don't know How to declutter ~ and I thought I did, but this gives a few extra hints to make it go smoother read this: How to Declutter

Before You start on your bathroom I suggest you read this: Flying Lessons You don't need to read all the links, the one I liked best was 'Shine Your Kitchen Sink'

Now if you are anything like me ~ I am a HUGE procrastinator and get distracted VERY easily. I suggest you read this: Tips for Not Getting Sidetracked  This one can wait until the decluttering has been started.

Now are you ready to have some FUN!!

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