I challenge you to join me!

So my middle one is at his first music class of the year and the toddler is sleeping and that means I have some wonderful quiet time!!   

There is a mountain of sewing to be done, projects for fun and repairs too.
There's the never ending laundry and dishes

But for now I will ignore the phone (which just rang) and enjoy the quiet tapping of the keys

I have a few challenges for you my friends and anyone else reading this.

CHALLENGE NUMBER ONE ~ This month (or as long as it takes) I am challenging myself and the rest of you to get my AND your house CLEAN and DECLUTTERED.

I was inspired by Sarah Mae with her 31 Days to Clean. But I think I want to take it a step further so I am starting off with the Fly Lady's Plan to Declutter.

I plan to start off next week. September the 14th. It's zone 3 next week which is the bathroom and one extra room. It looks like it will take a few months to be at the point where I will be maintaining a clean house. It also looks like every month you rotate through the Zones.

Here's a little blurb from the Fly Lady site :
Once you have decluttered the zone (this may take a few months to actually complete - there is no rush here!), then you are ready for FlyLady's detailed cleaning list. You will be amazed at how easy it is to do detailed cleaning when the clutter is gone! What is more amazing is how easy it is to keep it clean when your routines are in place! FlyLady says, "The house practically cleans itself!"
Here's the link to a printable Detailed Cleaning List but be warned and read this first:
Do not try to do this until you have decluttered your "Zone". Spend 15 minutes a day decluttering and then you can start doing some of your detailed cleaning. Do not worry about this. You have not done it in years and one more month isn't going to hurt anything. Toss out the clutter first. It will be easier to clean. - FlyLady
So here's my challenge to you:

I'm inviting you to join me in DECLUTTERING your home! But in the meantime don't forget to maintain a somewhat clean house for the sanity of everyone living with you.

Jen made up this cleaning schedule for herself and has shared it with us.
**** It was mentioned that laundry is not on the list. I know some people like to do laundry once a week and others more often, so feel free to add it to your weekly list on the day(s) that suits you most!!****

  • dishes/dishwasher
  • Change dish cloth and hand towels
  • Make beds

Monday – baking, bathrooms, kitchen sink (clean it like you would your toilet!) garbage, microwave

Tuesday – floors (whatever that means to each of us… vacuum, swiffer, mop) and water plants

Wednesday – dusting, mirrors/glass that need to be attended to (kids fingerprints) like on a TV stand or china cabinet, glass sliding doors…

Thursday – bathrooms

Friday – floors, water plants


Week One
  • wash bedding
  • Wipe down, vacuum out (whatever you need to do) yourCoat/shoe area (mud room/entrance/closet
  • Organize/sort/rotate toys
Week Two
  • wash fridge in, out and tidy/wipe on top
  • Dishwasher
  • Stove
  • Tidy up laundry room/area
  • Wash (soak) toothbrushes
Week Three
  • Wash bedding
  • Wipe down, vacuum out your coat/shoe area
  • Organize kitchen cupboards (like plastics cupboard)
  • Wipe out cutlery drawer
Week Four
  • Wipe down table/chairs
  • Make a meal schedule or list of ideas for the next month
  • Take inventory from your freezer & cupboards to
  • make a list of groceries needed to replenish & menu ingredients needed
  • Look at calendar for next month’s birthdays / Anniversaries… add to shopping list if there is a gift that needs to be purchased, get a card (make one) and get it ready to be mailed

Addendum ~ Now that we are back to routine, I have created a chore chart for the kids. We did it a little different this year as the oldest wanted each child to have their own. So I will change the magnets every night so the kids can look in the morning for their chores that day. I found these great magents at Michaels last summer. I adapted them slightly as they aren't quite old enough to mow the lawn LOL


Sarah said...

Awesome post,Alexa! I am so glad I don't have any real plants, that makes me one step ahead already for Tuesdays and Fridays!! This area of my life is for sure my biggest challenge... that's why the laundry room and bedroom doors are usually closed at my house!!!

Robin said...

I will join you! I was going to put together my own declutter plan for "Back to school", but I can appreciate one that's already done!
Your list looks so easy but I see my major never ending, daily task is not on there: LAUNDRY!!! (I shudder...)

Jen said...

that chore chart is cool! Love it!