Muffin Tin Monday

It's about time I got another MTM meal for my children - my oldest has just begun Grade One and he was/is very enthusiastic about this special meal but my youngest two enjoyed it thoroughly today too! Today's theme was APPLES! I just love this time of year!

I've got an apple tree in my backyard that is beckoning me to come and pick its fruit!

I went into my file of different themes I have from my ECE days and came up with a little "circle" time with these felt board variations:
"Four Red Apples"

"10 Red Apples" fingerplayand "Apple Trouble" by Ragnhild Scamell which we have on CD (love books on CD!)

And here's our muffin tin:apple slices with a caramel to dip in (last week I made a caramel sauce but didn't have time for that today); apple-shaped toast which my children sprinkled on cinnamon/sugar mixture; applesauce with cinnamon sprinkled on top; apple-shaped cheese and farmyard crackers - the apple cookie cutter can easily be used for pumpkin shapes too!

My Daughter is using her "picture" (play camera) to take a picture of the meal like I did!Sprinkling on the cinnamon and sugar - tasty!dipping into the Dulce de lecheDelicious!

For more creative MTM's you have to take a moment to visit Her Cup Overfloweth for other participants!

Have a blessed week!


Susana said...

I love the flannel board idea you did along with your tin, and the apple cheese slices are so cute!

Mariah@Giggles Galore said...

An apple tree in your very own backyard, how lucky! Cute tin and cute book suggestion.

The Activity Mom said...

Great MTM!

BranFlakes said...

I love that she took a picture just like you did.

Sherry said...

cute muffin tin, I like the sugar/cinn idea on toast, and the pic of her doing it is cute!

~Leigh said...

You made such a well-rounded day out of your MTM theme. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Stacy said...

How yummy your muffin tin looks! Love the flannel board ideal...we love flannel board things!

{ L } said...

I'm impressed with how well you incorporated this theme! It looks like so much fun.